Graduate students at the Progressive Education Institute learn how to spark every child’s intellectual curiosity and teach students to become passionate, self-directed, independent thinkers. Our program challenges aspiring teachers so that they may, in turn, challenge their students to struggle intellectually and experience the thrill of deeper learning. 


1.  Put progressive vision into action.
The Progressive Education Institute is committed to exquisite instruction.  We want to shape students who are genuinely good people (not just well-behaved), which means learning how to create class and school culture where student independence and leadership are valued and cultivated.  We believe in depth and quality.  We want teachers to develop their own voices and to feel both accountable for results and secure in their substantive knowledge of their students.

2.  Be prepared for any classroom.
Some programs teach you how become a particular kind of teacher for a very specific kind of school.  At the Progressive Education Institute, we prepare you to be a strong teacher generally, and you will be exposed to a full-range of research-based best practices.  PEI is for teachers who want to take an active role in their own education. 

3.  Learn in the school where you teach.
Graduate students at the Progressive Education Institute are embedded in classrooms at Harlem Village Academies, a network of five charter schools based in Harlem, NYC.  You, your PEI professors, and your peers will know the same students, which means that none of your learning will be hypothetical, and you will be able to get feedback and adjust your practice in real-time.  Instead of traveling across the city for evening classes at an unrelated institution, you'll be able to learn in classrooms in your own school building or in PEI's newly renovated brownstone, right down the street.  Classes on weekday evenings or Saturday mornings are scheduled to make for a manageable workload.

PEI Graduate Students in Their Own Words