We are a community of educators and activists with a passion for progressive pedagogy and a commitment to social justice. We select graduate students who share our vision and are willing to put in the hard work to achieve it.

Pictured: Vice Chairman of the HVA Board John Legend with PEI and HVA founder and CEO Dr. Deborah Kenny.

Pictured: Vice Chairman of the HVA Board John Legend with PEI and HVA founder and CEO Dr. Deborah Kenny.

Message from the Founder:

Dr. Vito Perrone once remarked, “We should all exert caution every time we hear that something related to schools is new. It usually means that those speaking of the new haven’t chosen to examine the historical record.” It is therefore with humility and reverence for the giant shoulders on which we stand that we work toward our dream to design a graduate school of education. 

We see teachers as intellectuals and as we work to create the ideal learning community in which new teachers are developed, we are humbled by how much we are learning ourselves. It is an incredible feeling to be part of this community that is creating something new together from the ground up. The revolution is happening here–and it is the most important and exciting work we can imagine.

Dr. Deborah Kenny is the founder and CEO of Harlem Village Academies and the Progressive Education Institute and author of Born to Rise.  Follow Deborah on Twitter.

PEI Master Teachers

Advisory Board

Ron Berger
Chief Academic Officer,
Expeditionary Learning

Dr. Marc Brackett
Founder & Director,
Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Dr. Ric Campbell
Founding Director, Master of Arts in Teaching Program,
Bard College

Dr. Howard Fuller
Founder, Black Alliance for Educational Options,
Distinguished Professor of Education,
Marquette University

Dr. Pam Grossman
Dean, Graduate School of Education,
University of Pennsylvania

Shelley Harwayne
Literacy Expert, Former Superintendent NYC District 2, Founder, The Manhattan New School

Carol Lieber
Engaging Schools

Dr. Michael Roth
Wesleyan University

James E. Ryan, J.D.
President, University of Virginia