The Progressive Education Institute is embedded within the urban campus of Harlem Village Academies, a network of five public charter schools based in Harlem, New York. Perhaps the most well-known urban community in the world, Harlem is the historical epicenter of the civil rights movement where legendary activists, intellectuals, artists, and community leaders struggled and advocated for social justice. 

The Goldman-Sonnenfeldt Building at the Progressive Education Institute features a student center, classrooms, study carrels, seminar spaces, faculty offices, an education library, and outdoor event space.

Grad students from the Class of 2017 standing in front of the site of the Goldman-Sonnenfeldt Building

Studying on campus allows graduate students to engage in field experiences and learn about the real day-to-day challenges of teaching in an urban school. Like medical students in a teaching hospital, our graduate students learn deeply through immersion in effective, progressive classrooms within the K-12 schools on our campus. Indeed our Progressive Education Institute campus is a vibrant learning community of graduate students, new teachers, experienced master teachers, graduate school faculty, and K-12 students.

Located on 124th Street in the heart of Harlem, the Progressive Education Institute is located inside a beautiful brownstone in the heart of our campus, adjacent to several HVA schools, down the street from Marcus Garvey Park and the Harlem Public Library, and a few blocks from the Apollo Theater.  

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